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United States
***I DON'T reply to business-related (commissions, shop info, pricing, ECT) notes on here!!! Please email for that kinda thing!! THANK***

Are you taking commissions?
Not usually, haha. If we are, there'll be a journal about it up! Commission slots are infrequent, though.

Can I have your patterns?
Nope! Not for free or for money.

Can you help me with a project?
Probably! Obviously I can't give you step by step instructions for anything, but I'm always happy to help when I can C:

When will [x] be restocked in your store?
Ahaahaha... actually, since we do everything made to order, nothing SHOULD be out of stock. If it is, send me an email or something and I'll restock- it just means the stock counter ran out and I wasn't paying attention, oops.

Will you reserve a plushie/slot for me until I can pay?
No, but we can do layaway plans, so you can pay in smaller installments instead of all at once! Shoot us an email for more info!

Do you take trades?
99% of the time, no. If I've previously expressed interest in what you're offering, have the free time and know you personally I'll probably go for it, but rarely do all of those requirements align :P

You haven't replied to my note?!
If it was business-related (i.e., commissions and the like) please send an email to instead! I'm not very good about replying to stuff like that as I spend most of my time sewing ;;;
Otherwise, you can send me another note and I'll probably respond this time! Chances are I just forgot to reply ;;

What materials do you use for your plushies?
Minky, mostly. Eyes are either embroidery, felt, or safety eyes.

Can I resell the plushie I bought from you?
Heck yeah! I don't expect you to keep that thing around if you don't want it!
BUT, I will say that I'm NOT cool with people buying my plushies with the intent to resell them for a profit without talking to me about it. While I realize that kind of thing isn't technically illegal, it's disrespectful and shady and if I find out you're doing it I'll probably do what I can to keep you from buying more pieces.
That said, if you want to work out a resale deal or have me do prototype work, I'm totally willing to hear you out!! Just send an email!


Last updated: 11/06/15


Keychain plush: $30-$50 Only possible with very simple characters.  If you're not sure it's doable, feel free to ask!  
Measures approximately 6" (15cm) max and comes with or without a ball chain.  Example:
Jirachi Keychain Plushie by FollyLolly
Beanie plush: $50-$90 
Measure about 9" (23cm) across (measured from nose to toes).  These are filled with poly pellets and stylized for a floppy, classic beanie baby look.  Examples:
Ninetales Beanie Plush by FollyLolly  Shiny Beanie Sylveon by FollyLolly
XL beanie plush: $80-$110
Measure about 15" (38cm) across.  Pretty much the same pattern as the beanie plushies, but EXTRA BIG!  Examples:
Comm- XL Vaporeon Beanie by FollyLolly XL Shiny Skiddo Beanie by FollyLolly
8"-11" (20-25cm) plush: $70-$120
More complex designs can be done in this size, but very small details may have to be removed/simplified.  Again, ask if you're not sure!  Examples:
Kappa Doll by FollyLolly Comm- Knees the Caterpie by FollyLolly Kistune Plush - Light Silver by FollyLolly
12"-15" (30-38cm) plush: $120-$250
Probably the most popular size- makes for a nice, snuggly plush.  The price range is rather wide because at a larger size like this lots of details can be fit in, so prices vary a lot depending on how complex the design is!  Examples:
Commission- Zeke by FollyLolly Comm- Gala Rarity Plush by FollyLolly Comm- Arcanine Plush by FollyLolly Comm- Boobiecorn Plush by FollyLolly
16"-24" (40-60cm) plush: $200-$300
This starts to get into the "really big" size range.  This is the kind of plush that can double as a pillow if so desired!  Also a great size for bipedal designs.  Examples:
Alpha Kyogre Plush by FollyLolly
25" (63cm)+ plush: over 2 feet is almost half my size, so lets be honest, it's gonna be expensive.  Prices will probably start at $400 for something this big, but it's really dependent on what you're looking for.  (No examples available because I haven't had a chance to work on anything this large before- that doesn't mean I won't try, though!)

The actual commission process

We don't take commissions on a first-come-first-serve basis.  We get a LOT of commission requests when we open up, and obviously I can't take all of them, so I'll normally pick the most appealing projects and either waitlist or deny the rest.  This is the fairest method for both me and the customer!

If you're interested in a commission, please email us at with a clear reference picture (or multiple) and the size range(s) you'd like a quote for.  We'll reply right away with a price, but this doesn't automatically mean you're accepted- it's mostly just so you know ahead of time what kind of cost you're looking at.  We'll accept/waitlist commissions a couple days after opening, normally.

We will send an invoice for the cost + shipping to you via paypal once we've agreed on the details and price.  PLEASE pay via the invoice instead of sending the money to us directly.  The invoice will have the specifics of the item as well as our terms attached, so it's important for the sake of keeping track of things that you use that.

If you commissioned an existing character
(Pokemon, MLP, ect), you'll receive two progress updates- one when I start work containing a sketch of the finished product (this may not be 100% spot on, but is a good indicator) to make sure you're happy with what I have in mind, and one of the finished product as soon as it's done.
If you commissioned an OC (or a particularly complex design), you'll receive at least three progress updates- a sketch for your approval/adjustment, an image part-way through production (where, again, you'll be able to request changes if needed) and a finished product.  You may also receive more check-ins during production if I need clarification or an opinion on something, so keep an eye on your email!
Once you've approved the final product, it will be shipped to whatever address you provide!  Yay!

From the time you receive the sketch to the time I finish the plush is usually about 2 weeks unless I run into significant snags during the production process, HOWEVER! I have a lot of projects on hand at any given time, so it may be 2-4 weeks before I actually start on your commission, depending on where you are in the queue.  Please be patient!  If I try to do everything all I once it usually takes longer than if I take things one at a time :<



Payment is required up front- payment plans can be arranged (usually), but I will not begin work until the full payment is received.

Cancellations & returns

We do not accept returns unless the plush was damaged or I made a mistake in production.  You will be sent finished photos of the product and asked to approve them before shipping- please make sure you're happy with the result!
You may cancel your commission before it's finished if absolutely necessary.  If your commission is for a popular, pre-existing character (basically, anything that we can sell to the general public) you can cancel at any time before shipping and receive a full refund, minus a 20% cancellation fee.  If your commission is for a character that we CANNOT complete and sell to somebody else, you will be charged $15/h for the amount of time already put into the project.

Fanart commissions

If you commission a particularly popular existing character, we may decide to make it a regular part of our stock lineup in our store.  If you want your plush to be a one-of-a-kind piece just for you, please let us know straight away!  Because this means the pattern will only be used once, it will usually result in a higher price.  (Don't worry, this only applies to Pokemon and the like- we won't try to reproduce plushies of your OC and claim it as an original design or anything!)



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